Inspired Hair Studio

We Perform Pedicure Services in a Safe Environment. 

Several Reasons To Have Your Nail Services In Our Salon! 

Top Ten Reasons

1. We will not comprise health and safety practices.

2 We have a routine that is followed before and after each client that reduces pathogens in the salon.

3. We sterilize all metal implements daily. Tools that require disinfecting are disinfected through out the day.

4. We sterilize all metal implements in a dry heat sterilizer, which is one of three Texas State Board recommended methods to ensure safety for the community.

5.We have Informed nail technicians 

6.We begin with a short consultation regarding health concerns, and goals for each client's foot treatment. .

7. We use a new ultra- hygienic sturdy foot liner before pedicure service which is discarded after each service.

8. We use plumb free pedicure chairs, no pipes for bacteria to hide.. 

8.We provide clean towels for every customer.

9.We can recommend products to use in-between services.

10. We provide soothing music, a relaxing and intimate setting,free of strong odors.